Our Philosophy

At Pharmapro Scandinavia we know dietary supplements and understand that our customers expect functional high-quality products at a good price.
Our brands are a guarantee of effective and safe products produced in Sweden with consideration for people and nature.

Pharmapro Scandinavia AB has over 80 years of experience in health and wellness, with roots in homeopathy and traditional medicine. We guarantee that our products have good effect, is thoroughly tested and backed by clinical studies.

The Pharmapro Scandinavia commitment to our customers is to provide dietary supplements which consistently meet our quality and safety standards. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority.
We follow 3 Crucial linked elements that create the system and guarantee quality. One will not work effectively without the other.

All ingredients are subject to strict quality and safety controls before they can be used in our products. We always guarantee full durability, safety, reliability and traceability from the factory to the final consumer.

We work in a network of specialists with backgrounds in both traditional medicine and alternative therapies – such as doctors, homeopaths, kinesiologists, botanists, manufacturing companies and agents around the world.

Dietary supplements and herbal remedies are products whose active ingredients are extracted from nature’s rich flora and provides preventive health effects. They are products that can increase people’s vitality and help them live a happier, healthier and longer life. Everything that nature so generously has given us, we should manage with care.

We are a member of Svensk Egenvård. Svensk Egenvård is the trade association for companies in the Swedish self-care industry. They are in turn a member of the European industry organization Food Supplements Europe.

Pharmapro is also a proud member of the Swedish Healthcare Alliance (SHA) – a coalition of Swedish healthcare companies that ranges from hospital equipment manufacturers, pharmaceutical producers, architects, construction companies of hospitals as well as providing expert healthcare education.